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Paradigm Shift in Fleet Safety:

Smartphone-Based ADAS Systems
Domain research proves conclusively that Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can be very effective in preventing dangerous driving situations by monitoring the environment and warning the driver about hazardous situations like potential collisions, lane departures or speed infractions. In most cases, the driver is alerted by visual indicators and audio signals.

ADAS systems can be divided into two basic categories: mobile apps, easily installed from the AppStore or Google Play, and safety hardware, integrated into vehicles by manufacturers or solution providers. A mobile app installed on the smartphone uses built-in rear and front-facing cameras combined with sensors to monitor both the road and cars ahead. This ensures that driver is informed in real time about potentially dangerous driving conditions.

One of the pioneer ADAS apps today is Currux Vision. Developed by Texas-based Currux Vision Corp., a mobility provider and software developer. The app leverages the phone's camera and local processing capabilities for AI-enabled object recognition, helping to prevent accidents by providing real-time visual and audible warnings to drivers and safety alerts to fleet managers. Currux Vision also acts as a driving coach, helping to instill good driving habits that prevent accidents from happening.
How does it work?
Currux Vision app has been developed for smartphones. The smartphone is mounted on the car's windshield or dashboard, and that's it, it's ready to go. In case of a dangerous driving event, the app's AI engine will make an audible signal to inform the driver to be more focused and aware. For example, road obstacles, rear-end and stationary vehicle accidents are the most common types of accidents. Currux Vision is much more than an ADAS system, it is a powerful telemetry & AI-based ADAS that uses intelligent algorithms, predictive models, and advanced analytics to detect and alert potential accidents and improve driving skills.
Currux Vision Headway Distance and Lane Departure Warning In Action
What is the benefit for the fleet owners?
Currux Vision business solution is designed to help drivers increase their trip safety, assess and improve their driving skills.

Many systems are providing solutions for reducing risks and optimizing operations by lowering collision frequency, coaching drivers, and lowering costs including fuel.

Currux Vision offers more safety features than such systems which cost thousands of dollars.

Moreover, Currux Vision is the only commercial grade safety and telemetry service that does not require any additional equipment.

Some important facts that can help in decision making process:
  • 90% Rear Collisions - can be avoided with a 1.5s alert
  • 80% of Accidents - due to driver distraction
  • 60% Fatalities - due to lane departures
Analytic & Logistic Dashboard
For each trip, an AI algorithm generates a safety score which is shared with the driver as well as displayed on the fleet manager's dashboard.

It allows fleet manager to manage and monitor in real-time any driver within the fleet. ADAS and driver training has proven to reduce cost of accidents, injuries, insurance costs, and workers compensation costs by 22% - 40%.

Finally, another piece of good news, Currux Vision can be used by itself or alongside other existing systems to deliver cost-effective safety solutions.

Improve safety, keep customers happy, and reduce the risk —all by simply using the smartphone you use every day.