Teenage Driving App Currux Vision

Keep Your Children Safe When They Drive
Car crashes - the number one killer of teens

Our advanced AI/AR technology can help you reinforce safe driving patterns and let you see how your child is driving - in real time. All you need to do is download the app and place your child's smart phone in the windshield of the car. Not only will our app provide forward obstacle collision and lane change warnings, it removes the phone from your teen's hands. And you can use this to help control insurance rates!
Watching your teenager obtain a driver's license is a rite of passage, but it's terrifying to think about turning over the keys to a 3,000-pound weapon. Teens account for over 30% of fatal crashes; thousands more suffer serious injuries and cost millions in repairs. Their lack of experience results in dangerous practices such as speeding, tailgating, and driving while distracted. 60% of fatal crashes involved distracted driving, especially using a cell phone.
Currux Vision
Your Driving Coach Today Is A - Robot!
Practicing good driving habits has never been more fun!
Currux Vision is a personal robot that analyzes the road ahead and gives real time feedback on driving patterns.
Currux Vision runs on iPhones 6s+ and above, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free.

Currux Vision alerts when a driver follows a car too closely, is about to collide with another car or pedestrian, is crossing a lane, or accelerating and stopping too fast.

Currux Vision never blinks and calculates at 500 billion times per second to help humans become better drivers, and prevent accidents.
At Your Service, Humans!
Currux Vision

How Vision Helps You and Your Child
We use your child's smart phone camera to see objects, calculate distance, and review posted speed limits 15 times a second to determine possible impacts, lane changes, and speeding.

Our app will issue warning tones, and optionally show warnings, on your child's phone for tailgating, coming too close to other objects such as bicycles, people, or animals, or changing lanes - day or night, rain or shine. These warnings not only alert your child to the moment's risk, but begin to teach and reinforce driving in a safer manner due to a progressive warning system.

We create driver scores based on the frequency of risky behaviors. Both you and your child can see these and track how these change over time – including:
‣ Sharp stops and fast starts
‣ Tailgating and driving too close to other objects
‣ Lane changes
‣ Speeding

You can view a map in real time which displays where your car is and shows recent driving patterns. Since the camera is inside the car, it will not be covered by snow, ice or mud, and because its placed at driver eye level, it provides the closest to human response as is possible.