AI Driving Assistant. Safety & Tracking For Your Fleet

Simple, Powerful, Unlimited

Currux Vision is an advanced artificial intelligence and augmented reality enabled mobile phone application designed to ensure a safer and more informed driving experience. It works in any and all vehicles and in most weather conditions, day or night.

In one easy to use app and software, Currux Vision combines capabilities that normally cost businesses and individuals many thousands of dollars and involve 3 to 4 different types of hardware and software installed on each vehicle.

Ours requires a Smart Phone and a mounting bracket!

Currux Vision provides:

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
In vehicle driver coaching
Driver safety scoring system
Real time fleet tracking system
Map based-augmented reality
Key Features
Mobile First - No Custom Device or Installation Required
Simply install Currux Vision on a smart phone* and set it in a windshield or dashboard mounted phone holder. Will work in any vehicle.

Currux Vision is built on Computer Vision and Deep Neural Networks algorithms. It was trained using hundreds of thousands of photos to recognize pedestrians, animals, small objects such as bicycles, vehicles and road lanes. It measures and calculates distance to cars, lanes and moving objects and visually and audibly warns when too close to other vehicles or veering across lanes. It has been road tested for a year and delivers warnings with an estimated 98% accuracy.

Fleet Tracking, Driver Training, and Safety Scoring
Real time driver and trip tracking system operates while our app is in use. For each trip our AI generates a safety score which is shared with the driver as well as displayed on the dashboard. The ADAS collision detection and lane crossing warning system reinforces better driving habits.

Map Based Events
A built in GPS-navigator with live traffic updates which allows manger and drivers with one click to display traffic events and waypoints such as destinations or preferred facilities

Currux Vision interface is designed to not distract driver's attention and warns of potential road dangers using both audible and visual based warnings. Because it uses the drivers phone there is less chance for texting or distracted driving.

High Availability
Because it is inside the vehicle it is protected form the elements and won't ice up or get covered by snow. It works in most weather and around the clock.**

* Only iPhone 6s and later IOS currently supported; Android based phones will be available 1Q 2019.
** May not work in extreme weather

Industries we serve

Reduce risks and optimize operations by lowering collision frequency, coaching drivers, and lowering costs including fuel.
Car Rental
Car Sharing
Ride Sharing
Bus companies

Achieve Significant Benefits

Real World Benefits of Crash Avoidance Technologies*
Forward Collision Warning

  • 27% Front-to-rear crashes
  • 20% Front-to-rear crashes with injuries
  • 9% Claim rates for damage to other vehicles
  • 16% Claim rates for injuries to people in other vehicles
Lane Departure Warning
  • 11% Single-vehicle, sideswipe and head-on crashes
  • 21% Injury crashes of the same types

Driver Training **
Speeding is a factor in 31% of all fatal collisions. By identifying risky driver behavior and improving that has reduced injuries, crashes, insurance, and workers compensation costs by 20 to 40% in 12 to 18 months.
Uniquely Cost Effective Solution

Currux Vision transforms a smart phone into an artificially intelligent second pair of eyes to help train driver, reduce harsh driving patterns, and avoid accidents.

No incidental costs associated with equipment installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Since Currux Vision is inside the vehicle, it works in more environments around the clock than other solutions. Maintenance, repair costs are lower, if any.
  • Less distraction for driver since uses his or her phone
  • Management tools to monitor driving safety score, show trip safety exceptions and take appropriate corrective action
Overall Results:
  1. Lower fuel consumption
  2. Reduced accident rates
  3. Significant cost savings
* IIHS and HDLI Study May 2018 ** Geotab edriving marketplace; NHTSA
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