Currux Vision
Cutting edge AI, computer vision, and augmented reality solutions for businesses and individuals.
About the company
Currux Vision is an AI computer vision company that makes cameras smart and enables autonomous machine systems.
From machine learning based motion detection and tracking for humans and vehicles, to remote safety rigging and facial and license plate recognition; in-camera, on-prem, or in-cloud, our software is the best cost and full suite of capabilities to lead in the rapidly evolving video analytics market.
Focused on safety and surveillance improvements for smart, edge, control room and cloud-based applications.
Use cases
Our main domains
Smart Cities & Intelligent Transportation
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Real time warnings
  • Optimized traffic lights
  • Centralized & distributed architecture
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Smart Surveillance & Security
  • Identity Verification
  • Public Safety
  • National Security & Defense
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Smart Remote Safety
  • Remote Workers
  • Remote Critical Infrastructure
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  • ADAS Systems
  • Unmanned vision systems
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