Currux Vision
Currux Vision builds autonomous AI systems for smart infrastructure.

We help cities, DoTs, government agencies and infrastructure developers to monitor, optimize and monetize complex infrastructure projects.

Our systems work both locally, at the edge and in the cloud, and we utilize existing CCTV, traffic controller and sensor infrastructure.

SmartCity & Intelligent Transportation Systems

AI Enabled Solutions for Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement

1. Monetization and optimization of infrastructure

You can't manage what you can't measure. Currux Vision systems open unprecedented opportunities for monitoring and controlling complex infrastructure using the power of AI.

2. Safety

By collecting information about dangerous behaviors Currux Vision allows operators to dispatch enforcement resources to where they are needed the most or even to use Currux Vision systems for automated enforcement.

3.System Efficiency and Flexibility

Vision does not require expensive networking and camera hardware upgrades. We work at the edge and near the edge with most existing IP camera systems.
4. Autonomy for Infrastructure
We utilize the same technology stack and similar AI processors to those used in autonomous cars. Automated object detection, classification and tracking; self-learning and advanced prediction algorithms, and automated lane detection are only some of the things we do using AI.
5. Autonomous Camera PTZ Control and Object Tracking
Our software autonomously operates PTZ camera controls, and can independently take action including area scans, data collection, and sign, alarm, gate, door, and rocket launcher activation.
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Our portable supercomputers are capable to process multiple video streams and work reliably in most challenging field conditions.

Based on the NVIDIA GPUs

Currux Vision Distributed Edge Architecture

Our Plug-and-Play Edge AI Servers Work Inside Local Networks and Don't Require Cloud Access

Flexible system configurations allow rapid deployment and installation in most difficult environments:

1.Edge / Near Edge configuration inside local networks
AI Servers deployed at the edge (eg. traffic cabinets) or local server rooms and transmiting metadata to a central server on local network
2.Hybrid edge / cloud configuration
AI Servers deployed at the edge (eg. traffic cabinets) or local server rooms and transmiting metadata to a central server on local network
3. Cloud processing
Video streams are processed on Currux Vision cloud servers and metadata is sent to a secure cloud account that customer can access from anywhere.

Intuitive and Simple to Use User Interface

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