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AI driving assistant designed to ensure a safer and more informed driving experience.

What is Currux Vision?

In one easy to use app and software, Currux Vision combines capabilities that normally cost businesses and individuals many thousands of dollars and involve 3 to 4 different types of hardware and software installed on each vehicle.
Ours requires a Smart Phone and a mounting bracket! It works in any and all vehicles and in most weather conditions, day or night.

Currux Vision provides:
  1. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
  2. In-vehicle driver coaching – crash detection with varying degrees of warnings
  3. Driver safety scoring system
  4. Real-time fleet tracking system available from phone and backend
  5. Map-based information recording and display system
  6. Online/offline navigation
No Custom Device or Installation is Required. Simply install Currux Vision application on a smart phone (Iphone 6s and above) and set it in the windshield or dashboard mounted phone holder. It will work in any vehicle.
Currux Vision is built on Computer Vision and Deep Neural Networks algorithms. The application is optimized for on-device performance, which minimizes memory footprint and power consumption. It has been road tested for a year and delivers warnings with an estimated up to 98% accuracy.
Fleet Tracking, Driver Training, and Safety Scoring
For each trip our AI generates a safety score which is shared with the driver as well as displayed on the dashboard. The ADAS collision detection and lane crossing warning system reinforces better driving habits.
Map Based Events
Currux Vision has a voice enabled map interface with live traffic updates which allows manager and drivers with one click to display traffic events and waypoints such as destinations or preferred facilities. Built in GPS-navigator allows to navigate to a waypoint on the map with 1-Click.
Simple. Powerful. Unlimited.
Achieve Significant Benefits
Nearly 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year and many more get injured. For businesses car accidents are an ever present danger.

Uniquely Cost Effective Solution

Currux Vision transforms a smart phone into an artificially intelligent second pair of eyes to help train driver, reduce harsh driving patterns, and avoid accidents.
  • No incidental costs associated with equipment installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Since Currux Vision is inside the vehicle, it works in more environments around the clock than other solutions. Maintenance, repair costs are lower, if any.
  • Less distraction for driver since uses his or her phone
  • Management tools to monitor driving safety score, show trip safety exceptions and take appropriate corrective action
Overall Results:
  1. Lower fuel consumption
  2. Reduced accident rates
  3. Significant cost savings
Driving Scores and Fleet Tracking
Driving Safety Scores
Currux Vision considers dozens of factors that are measured and recorded while driving to calculate a driving safety score for each trip:
  • Maximum and average speed, speeding;
  • Inputs from ADAS system including instances of FCW, HMW and LDW
  • Harsh driving patterns including rapid acceleration and breaking.

Real Time Fleet Tracking

Currux Vision provides real-time, map based information about the location of registered fleet drivers, along with their personal details and allows views of their driving history. The tracking is done while the app is in use and no additional equipment is required just a smart phone with the Currux Vision app installed.
Driver Safety And Coaching Solution Via ADAS
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
Almost 30% of all vehicle crashes are rear-end collisions. Currux Vision warns about possible forward collisions with other vehicles as well as pedestrians and animals. When FCW is engaged Currux Vision will issue sound and visual warnings to alert the driver. Currux Vision recognizes potentially dangerous situations with an estimated accuracy of up to 98%.
Starts working above 2 mph.
Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW)
Maintaining a safe distance to the cars in front is essential.
Currux Vision calculates the distance to the cars in front and recommends a safe following distance as a function of the car speed. When HMW is engaged Currux Vision will issue sound and visual warnings to alert the driver.
Starts working above 25 mph.
Cut-Off Collision Warning (CCW)
Currux Vision warns drivers when they are being undercut by other cars on the road. When CCW is engaged Currux Vision will issue audible and visual warnings to alert the driver.
Starts working above 25 mph.
Lane Departure Warning
Currux Vision can recognize different types of lane markings and will issue audible and visual warnings in the event of crossing the lane.
Starts working above 25 mph.
Currux Vision makes it easy to call 911 in case of an emergency with a click of a button.
Map Based Events
Traffic Events
Currux Vision allows to add and view in real time traffic events on a map with 1-Click:
  • Car accidents
  • Road hazards such as downed trees or flooding
  • Road closures or work and police cars.
Once an event is added, all drivers using our app can view them on their map and benefit from these notifications.

Map Based Waypoints

Our built in map interface allows the manager and drivers to create and show waypoints and/or announcements which can include:
  • Preferred maintenance facilities
  • Preferred gas stations
  • Destinations and preferred housing which is available, etc.
Our built it navigation tools allow creating a navigation route to the waypoint with 1-Click based on the address, a point on the map, or GPS coordinates when an address is unavailable.
Built in GPS Navigation with Offline Maps
Currux Vision has a built in GPS navigation system to:
  • Calculate driving time and distance
  • Build routes
  • Include traffic considerations
  • Provide visual and voice navigation commands.
With offline maps the GPS continues to operate even when the smart phone loses its network connection.
Actionable Intelligence With One Platform
Fast, Reliable, and Scalable
  • Designed for reliability and ease of use, the Currux Vision cloud-based fleet management software displays all your vehicle and driver information in one place to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business
  • Designed to be scalable for managing a few vehicles to thousands
  • Allows rapid access to any level of information

Works on Any Device

  • Can be viewed on smart phone, tablet or desktop to manage while in the office or on the road.

High Value Management Data and Control Dashboards

  • Trip by trip vehicle tracking that simplifies day to day management and oversight - Find and view one driver or the fleet in real time to see where vehicles are, moving or stopped
  • View top level evaluation and details of driver performance monitoring and scoring including harsh driving, speeding, and ADAS warnings
  • Custom mapping to include business relevant waypoints with one click on maps which are automatically displayed with the vehicle information
  • Influence safe driving behavior with in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools
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Currux Vision © is SOLELY an alert system. It is NOT a substitute for active driver involvement, nor can it take any actions to avoid a collision. Drivers cannot rely on Vision to assure their driving safety, but need to rely on their safe driving practices – be aware of traffic conditions, be prepared to take action, and obey traffic rules and regulations.

It is your responsibility to know and understand the local and state applicable restrictions on phone mounts in the windshield area and on the use of phones by both teens and adults while driving.

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