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Currux Vision Corp and Costar Technologies, Inc. Announce Over 98% Accuracy of Smart City AI Traffic Management Platform
The AI-based autonomous traffic monitoring platform offers accurate real-time traffic analytics and alerts to accelerate response to incidents, optimize transportation infrastructure, and reduce congestion and pollution.
Currux Vision Corp, the innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning solutions company, and Costar Technologies, Inc., a global leading manufacturer of a full range of cameras and systems for the video surveillance and machine vision markets, today released test results for a fully integrated Smart City AI Traffic Video Analytics and Management Solution with Costar Technologies.

Most traffic management systems are time consuming, inefficient, and costly. The Currux Vision Smart City AI solution removes the need for constant human oversight, outdated reporting systems, and limits on observation time by autonomously monitoring traffic cameras and systems and generating real time alerts when certain events of interest occur. Currux Vision offers one of the most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective AI traffic detection including counting and identifying vehicle types, slow traffic, wrong way traffic, speeding, parking infringements, pedestrian detection and counting, etc. The dashboard provides extensive analytics and reports, and does not require a separate video management system to operate.
The independent testing by Costar Technologies confirmed that Currux Vision Smart City AI system can operate with 95% – 98% or higher accuracy under various conditions including day and night, rain, camera vibrations, and even partial camera view obstruction. Additionally, the ease of installation and operation, edge and near-edge processing capabilities, powerful and flexible back-end capabilities, and attractive price point have been cited as key differentiators for the Currux Vision product.
Costar's high resolution, imaging cameras and systems are an ideal platform for deploying Currux Vision's AI and computer vision solutions in transportation, as well as security, military, enterprise, residential, and industrial sectors.

"The urbanization, increased traffic, and climate change drive the urgent need for a next-generation traffic monitoring and management solution like our Smart City AI product. Today, the deployment of traffic cameras in cities is hampered by either lack of or subpar autonomous video monitoring systems that require cloud access or extensive high-bandwidth internet infrastructure. We designed the Smart City AI product to significantly accelerate wide-scale adoption of AI-capabilities by cities and businesses both in the US and internationally. We are happy to have a great partner like Costar to accelerate this transition," said Alex Colosivschi, Founder and CEO of Currux Vision.
"For the past two years Costar has tested numerous video analytics solutions that our municipal, DOT, and private customers require with various degrees of success and accuracy. The Currux Vision AI system brings the accuracy, flexibility, ease of installation and use, and the price point that we believe is required for wide acceptance by cities and DOTs," said Mathiew Bais, CTO of Costar Technologies.

About Currux Vision Corp
Currux Vision uses cutting edge AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies to develop and deploy proprietary, end-to-end autonomous monitoring and anomaly detection systems for Smart Cities, government and businesses. Designed from the ground up, our fully integrated AI systems work near the edge and inside local networks, with accuracy levels and at a price point that allow wide scale adoption of our autonomous AI solutions. Currux Vision was selected as one of the top AI & Machine Learning products of 2018 by Product Hunt.

About Costar Technologies, Inc.
Costar Technologies, Inc. develops, designs, manufactures and distributes a range of security solution products including surveillance cameras, lenses, digital video recorders and high-speed domes. The Company also develops, designs and distributes industrial vision products to observe repetitive production and assembly lines, thereby increasing efficiency by detecting faults in the production process. Headquartered in Coppell, Texas, the Company's shares currently trade on the OTC Markets Group under the ticker symbol "CSTI." Costar was ranked as the 36th largest company in A&S Magazine's Security 50 for 2018. Security 50 is an annual ranking by the magazine of the world's largest security manufacturers in the areas of video surveillance, access control and intruder alarms, based on sales revenue.

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