Currux Vision
Autonomous AI systems for smart infrastructure.
About the Company
Currux Vision uses cutting edge AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies to develop and deploy proprietary, end-to-end autonomous monitoring, control and anomaly detection systems to improve productivity, safety and security.

Designed from the ground up, our integrated edge-based AI systems deliver affordable, scalable, accurate, flexible, and easy to implement end-to-end technology solutions that solve real problems at lower cost. Currux Vision was selected as one of the top AI & Machine Learning products of 2018 by Product Hunt.
Use cases
Our main domains
Smart Cities & Intelligent Transportation
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Real time warnings
  • Speed enforcement
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Smart Surveillance & Security
  • Identity Verification
  • Public Safety
  • National Security & Defense
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Smart Remote Safety
  • Remote Workers
  • Remote Critical Infrastructure
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  • ADAS Systems
  • Unmanned vision systems
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